Travel can be extremely fun and exciting. You get to go and see new places, experience new cultures, and overall, just relax. However, when you have kids (especially if they are under six), travelling can be more of a chore than a pleasure.

Park Me Fly in Orlando offers the best airport parking for your next trip. Just a short ride to the terminal, Park Me Fly offers self-parking, valet parking, and RV parking for your convenience. Below, we’ll list some of our top flying travel tips for when you are travelling with children. Reserve your airport parking today!

Top Flying Travel Tips With Kids

Have the Right Mindset

Travelling with kids is not the same as when you traveled when you were single. Things are going to take a lot longer, even simple tasks like arriving at the airport gate. You will have to stop at the bathroom more, stop and grab snacks inside the terminal, and your walking pace will be slower. When you go into your trip with the right mindset and adjust your expectations to be more on par with reality, your trip will be more enjoyable.

Also, try to keep the end goal of your trip in mind to get you through the inevitable annoyances that will come up. Are you going to visit your family? Are you going on vacation for the first time with your children? Once you get to your destination, what will you be doing? You’re travelling to have fun, so bear that in mind when the process of getting there becomes burdensome.

Book an Early Morning Flight

One of the worst things for any of us while flying is flight delays. Flight delays are more likely to occur as the day wears on, so try to book an early morning flight when your plane is more likely to be on time. Furthermore, even though it can be a hassle to get your kids moving early in the morning, they will be more likely to sleep on the flight, which will mean less work for you in the long run. Airport shuttles run continuously from Park Me Fly in Orlando so you’ll have a ride ready no matter what time your flight departs.

That being said, you want to be prepared in case your flight is delayed and you find yourself at the airport gate for a while. Bring fun things for your children to do, such as a deck of cards, coloring books, books you can read out loud to them, and hand-held games they can play on their own. The more they are occupied, the less you will have to worry about them running up and down the airport walkways.

Double Your Times

Many airlines recommend that you arrive at least 90 minutes before your flight departs if you are checking luggage for a domestic flight, and at least two hours if you are flying internationally. You will want to double this if you are towing kids along. As we mentioned earlier, you will be moving a lot slower with children, and delays are almost inevitable: a diaper will need to be changed, you have to go back and retrieve a dropped blanket, or the lines are extra long. Park Me Fly in Orlando offers fast, continuous airport shuttles to and from Orlando terminals to help you with your arrival times.

Pack Lighter Than You Think

Most parents are used to overpacking, especially for trips, because running out of diapers is never a good thing. You are used to packing snacks, diapers, water bottles, toys, extra clothes, extra wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, tablets, plastic bags, and the kitchen sink. However, when you are flying, remember you’ll have to lug around all of your baggage until you get to your destination, especially your carry-on luggage. If your kids are carrying their own bags, they will get heavy quickly, leaving you to probably carry them as well. Park Me Fly in Orlando recommends that you pack just enough, and if you need extra, you just buy it when you arrive. This will save you and your kids’ back in the long run.

Be Ready for Air Pressure

The air pressure changes when flying can be especially bothersome to children who have a harder time adjusting. The nature of the Eustachian tubes in their ears, which equalizes the air pressure for our bodies, is different than adults. These tubes are narrower in children, and if they by chance have a current ear infection or cold, getting them to “pop” may be difficult. If the pressure isn’t equalized, it can be painful, which is why babies cry as the plane descends. Once the Eustachian tubes open, the pain goes away rather quickly.

Park Me Fly in Orlando recommends that your bring along water for your children to swallow. Chewing gum is also a great technique, but is best reserved for older children. You’ll want to prod your children to start drinking about 30 minutes before landing since the plane will most likely be entering its descent at that time in order to ward off any build up in pressure before it begins.

Enjoy the Process

Flying can be burdensome for everyone, especially during the holiday travel season. However, for your kids, this could be an adventure of a lifetime. After all, getting to fly on an airplane is a wonder, as your kids get to soar through the air like their favorite comic book heroes or favorite birds. Flying can be a great learning experience for them as well. Flying itself has fascinated humans since the beginning of time, and kids naturally want to know how airplanes work, how fast they fly, and how planes fly through clouds. Turn flying into a learning adventure, and before you know it, your flight will be over.


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